My name is Leah Park.

I am an Industrial designer. Growing up in Ulsan South Korea, a major region for ship and automotive design, gave me a connection to and love for these industries. It is my passion to design yachts and vehicles. I am inspired by different designers who started out in an entirely different field of design, such as product or residential design. This leads me want to explore different design paths. My passion for transportation design has inspired me to push for continued innovation and creativity in design. I develop projects by questioning how things work and why. I am always curious and try to find better solutions. I believe I can amplify the value of design by learning, exploring and communicating. That’s why I started my major in transportation design but after my 4th term, I focused on Yacht design, and environmental design.  I want to explore as much as I can  to develop skills that will help me in designing new things.

At Art Center I learned the fundamentals of good design and I took it upon myself to take online courses to build upon that knowledge. Interning was another great resource of knowledge and from my experience at Nike, I learned that footwear design is close enough to designing cars and yachts.  I created new forms of footwear based on my yacht design process. I have extensive experience in a multitude of design skills including Photoshop rendering, Rhino, Maya, Modo, zbrush, Alias and V-ray. Using these programs allows me to take my ideas from sketches to final renderings. Throughout my education at Art Center College of Design, I have applied this ideology and integrated my love of 3D renderings and sketches to my projects. My goal is to keep my curiosity, enjoyment of design, and understanding mechanism so that I can live a passionate and fulfilling life.

Email - leahparkdesign@gmail.com